Golden Merchant Award

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Boskalis Offshore International B.V. Taiwan Branch has awarded the Golden Merchant Award in the 2021, and celebrated the “75th Merchant’s Day Conference and the “Golden Merchant Award” Ceremony in the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China on November 1, 2021. The Minister of Economic Affairs issued the “Certificate of the Ministry of Economic Affairs” and the Chairman of the General Chamber of Commerce of the R.O.C. presented the “Golden Merchant Award” trophy. And the winners were arranged to be promoted to the President and the Executive Director as incentives.

In addition, in order to face with the increasingly severe climate change issues, Dutch partner Boskalis made a very ambitious goal of being net climate neutral across Boskalis operations by 2050. The future development of the wind power industry will be inseparable from the concepts of green environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction, and ESG sustainable operation. Under this conception of green carbon reduction, Boskalis has installed more than 5,000 solar panels on the roof of our distribution center in the Netherlands, producing 1.6 million kWh of green electricity per year, or 15% of the domestic needs in the Netherlands.

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